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Should we start recruiting now or in a week?
In a week so we can have a strong foundation. 2

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I trust everyone on following these simple rules.

If you follow these, everything should run smoothly

1. Respect each other (most important) If you cant get along with someone thats fine, just don't start a fight.

2. No racism, curse words, talk bad behind someone's back, 18+ content (this includes the website)

3. HAVE FUN with your clan members

4. Use the clan emblem.

5. Let us know when you change your name, go on vacation, or wont be able to get on-line for longer then a week.

6. No multiclanning. (this means you cant be in another clan and this one on the same time)

7. Ranks are given for a reason, you can always go to the higher ups if there's something wrong.

8. People must be 16+ to join the clan, this ensures better and more mature communication.

This concludes the rules (for now) Keep in mind things might change

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